Simply Bloom with Joy

This sweet girl right here. Joy.  The beautiful face behind Simply Bloom and the adorable South African accent!  We met virtually about 9 months ago after I purchased some of her We ROAR Project cards and realized she was local!  I was instantly inspired by her and that just continues to grow!  We finally met in person last month when I visited her beautiful studio where the magic takes place! She is an insanely talented speaker, writer, designer, and encourager.  Kind of a creative genius that believes in encouraging women to embrace their stories and live out their passions with purpose!!  And kind as can be.  The type of person who truly listens to every word you have to say and genuinely cares.  The kind of person that makes this world a more jOyful place to be!  Her parents definitely named her appropriately! 😉

This spring Joy launched her second book, Penduka. It’s an invitation to wake up your soul. To live, wholeheartedly, the life you were created for! I often say that my life is perfectly-imperfect, messy and beautiful! This book is a call to EMBRACE it and to live intentionally. If you are someone like me that feels like you have all of these passions but sometimes feel lost on what to do with them to actually make a difference, this book may be just for you! You will feel like you’re sitting face to face with Joy while you read along and realize that you aren’t alone in this journey! And I hope that you realize you are brave and the world needs YOU and that special something that only you have to offer!!

I’m excited to share with you some glimpses into Joy’s beautiful space where she creates! It was a blessing to spend time there with this sweet, funny, tea-drinking gal from South Africa with one of the most genuine hearts I’ve encountered!

Simply Bloom JoyJoy Simply Bloom

Simply Bloom JoySimply Bloom
Simply Bloom
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