10 on 10 January {Michigan Lifestyle Photographer}

2 years ago I embarked on a journey of capturing the everyday moments in our home and have decided to begin this journey again after a year off.  On the 10th of each month I will take 10 photos throughout the day, no matter how mundane the day’s events may seem.  (thus the name, 10 on 10!) I hope this pushes me to photograph my own family more often and to find joy in those everyday moments of raising 2 toddlers!

Yesterday was a freezing, snowy day so we spent most of the day inside. C & J snuck outside to play but that only lasted 10 minutes before they were knocking on the door asking for hot cocoa! H spent those few minutes of alone time having a little dance party and photographing the boys from indoors! Love that my girl would rather stay warm inside with her momma!




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